Ressourcen für Softwarearchitekten

Struktur des arc42 Templates

Das Template umfasst 12 „Schubladen“ zur Aufsammlung von architekturrelevanten Informationen, die in beliebiger Reihenfolge gefüllt werden können.


Put in plain words: You can use the arc42 template for whatever reason, system, software or application you want. Open-Source, commercial, paid, unpaid, free, safe, secure or rogue – use arc42 as you please.

We will never charge anything for it.

You are not obliged to include any license, sign any contract or perform other strange things when you want to use arc42.

Nevertheless, you should always keep a reference to arc42 or the arc42 website in every file, document, repository or other media derived from arc42.

This very much resembles the Creative Commens Attribution license.